Can't download Star Wars KOTOR to my 360...
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Автор:  MichaelMorin [ 14 апр 2018, 14:34 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Can't download Star Wars KOTOR to my 360...


I purchased Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic on demand as it recently went on sale on the Xbox Live Marketplace. I tried to download it to my 360 but the game seems to have issues.
It crashes halfway through the install, then there's a "Corrupted" file on my HDD where it should be. I delete the corrupted file and try again, still fails. I cleared the system cache, still fails. I actually left the download thing open earlier and it got to 100%. Went to check My Games and it's not there. Checked the HDD and there's the "Corrupted" file again. Tried contacting Microsoft Support and of course my internet is to blame for the issue, even though I have no trouble downloading any 360 or One games.
I have save files on my 360. I never did finish the game and would like to go back to the files if I can. It works fine on the One, but because my save data is on 360, I really want to download it there. Anybody have any idea how to remedy this?

Please help.

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